About Encountour

Encountour is a social enterprise that organizes international volunteer travel opportunities for hundreds of college students every year. In order to provide maximum support for students before, during, and after their volunteer experience, we have offices both in the United States and in Central America.

Our Goal

Our goal is to expose students to realities beyond their own through volunteering internationally, and in so doing plant the seeds of greater cross-cultural understanding.

Encountour builds relationships with non-profit organizations and integrates volunteer groups into impactful, locally driven projects that address community challenges with resourceful, multifaceted approaches. Our trips allow student groups to volunteer short-term and directly benefit the ultimate success and sustainability of the projects with which they work.

In Guatemala, volunteers take a week to build a home for an impoverished family. Volunteers work alongside family members constructing a home that will provide them with a better and stronger shelter, improved health conditions through proper drainage and contribute to their self-esteem and pride.

In Costa Rica, volunteers contribute to a community’s welfare by supporting its economic, cultural, and environmental development. Our community development projects are always based upon the community’s self-identified priorities, which often include supporting nascent efforts in organic agriculture, assisting with environmental conservation and reforestation efforts, laying a foundation for local eco-tourism, and improving community infrastructure.

Naked Travel

All our trips are deeply rooted in our philosophy of Naked Travel, so our volunteers are fully immersed in local culture, live with families from the communities, and truly experience the realities of every-day life in another country.

Through our volunteer experiences, Encountour looks to create a community of involved, compassionate college students as they prepare to take their place not only as productive members of a national society, but of a global population.

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