Naked Travel

Everyone who works to change the world has a means; ours is Naked Travel.

Encountour trips are naked: naked of the barriers between peoples and cultures; naked of touristic adornment; naked of imposed stereotypes; naked of all that is not inherent in a country's unique reality.

It is the act of international volunteer travel and it is the belief that exposure can change perspectives.

Volunteers are fully engaged with the community or environment in which they work and fully clothed throughout the entire experience...

The Naked Travel Experience:

We enable our volunteers to have a profound and unmediated relationship with the country, its people and culture. We place students in homestays and community-based eco-lodges so they may develop a human connection with people from radically different backgrounds. And we organize volunteer projects that allow students to appreciate unique cultural traditions that do not exist anywhere else in the world.

We believe in Naked Travel because we recognize the importance of intimately understanding human diversity. Globalization will inevitably bring distinct cultures into contact so we must know how to approach cross-cultural interactions with respect and compassion, and how to appreciate a plurality of perspectives.

Naked Travel is a movement that grows with each individual and every experience, generating a ripple that can span our entire generation. We encourage all participants to fight apathy and seek out diversity.

Help us promote Naked Travel to ensure a greater future for all countries and peoples.

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